PDR Tool Recommendations

In the Paintless Dent Removal business, finding tools with real world usefulfulness can be difficult.
With almost 3 decades of experience, I can help and hope to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

PDR Glue Tabs

It is the smooth flat gluing surface of these that makes them work best. The variety of sizes is nice. Remember just because a tab is square doesn't mean the dent has to be and you don't need to put glue over the entire tab surface either.

Drill Polishing Buffing Detail Pad Kit

You don't need to buy a dedicated tool. This will fit your drill. This kit includes a good variety of aggressiveness. Along with a finish compound works well for removing minor, small area, scuffs and sanding marks. Should last you a long time. The price is right.

Portable Battery Operated Misting Fan

If you work in the heat like I do you will appreciate having this available. Small enough water capacity to not be too heavy yet enough to get the job done.

Tabweld Paintless Dent Removal Glue Sticks

These hold the best of all that I have tested. Many times I just use the easy to get clear ones you find in stores, but when I want stronger holding power these are the ones to use.

Lisle 45900 Hood Prop

The easy, long telescoping design of this makes it the best. You can even put the end of this on the ground to hold hatches or trunk lids at the height you need them. I've used others but this is the one to get and could last your whole career (though you might have to replace the rubber pads at some point).

Slide Hammer Puller

Ever needed to just straighten a door edge so the door will open or pull up on top of a tailgate etc? Use this and get it done quickly. I don't use this everyday and I've never used the chain or flat bar etc. but I have used the rest a lot over the years. When I need it I'm glad it's there. Will pay for itself with one use. The price is a steal.

Portable LED Panintless Dent Removal Light

This is the exact light I use every day. I've had students bring others and they all leave liking this. Lightweight, durable, easy to use and manipulate. I think it's pricey when you consider the parts but all together it works the best and that's what we need. Don't cheap out on your light!

Steel Hood Stand

There is a more compact and more adjustable aluminum one available but it is not as sturdy as this and costs quite a bit more. I have both and this is my go to. If you are removing tailgates etc. you'll want this.

Spiraled Step Drill Bits

Spiraled step drill bits cut more quickly than the standard ones. This is a good price.

Ryobi ONE+ 18v Cordless Drill

I've been using this drill for years and it's held up well. I like the easy to get and interchangeable battery system of these. The bit holder on the front is handy.

Tap Down Set with Tips

Provides a good surface to grip, will not roll around, has a broad striking surface. The actual tip is not actually metal, it is some kind of hard plastic like material. It will wear down. As needed I sharpen the pointed one with my utility knife. Good to add to your tap down choices.

UV Sun Protective Hat

Keep the sun off your face not just your head. If you work outside in the sun you need this. Dark under brim cuts glare and is stiff to hold it's shape. The vent areas on top are backed with mesh so provides air but the sun doesn't blast in. The crown is loose and thin material for better cooling.