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Yes. With our programs Paintless Dent Removal can be taught quickly.

You cannot buy your way out of hard work and practice. Please do not be tricked into thinking that a long and expensive course will save you from practicing on your own and make things easy.

Paintless Dent Repair Training - Jacksonville Florida
Paintless Dent Repair Training - Jacksonville Florida
Paintless Dent Repair Training

Personal and Professional

Mike will come to your facility saving you, your company and employees time, money and inconvenience.

With Smooth A Dent, paintless dent repair is the only service. This is not a “Training Mill” type program.

You will spend zero time in a classroom and will begin using tools immediately.

Training is provided by Michael Parks, an expert in dent removal and owner of Smooth A Dent in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mike has specialized exclusively in Paintless Dent Removal for nearly 3 decades and has successfully started and run his PDR service in two different states.

Paintless Dent Repair Florida

Your Own Service Business

Smooth A Dent's paintless dent repair is not just an “add on” service, it’s the only service.

We want you to be successful, to “master” one thing.

We know of no other business that you can begin for so little money and expect to recover that money in such a short period of time.
It takes lots of patience, lots of practice and lots of perseverance but the rewards are there.
It starts with one small dent.

Unique PDR Training

  • Precision – High quality training and repairs require practice on precision. We will focus on developing your skill to be precise. No guessing.
  • Quickly and Cleanly - You will be shown how to remove a dent quickly and cleanly.
  • Class size is limited – No more than three students at your facility.
  • Tools – Mike will help you with recommending tools and accessories.
  • 2 Day Weekend or 3 Day training to meet your needs.
  • Support – After training support for one full year at no additional charge.

Training to SUCCEED

This is not a training mill situation, running students through on a conveyor belt. With training at your facility you can expect personal, hands on, uninterupted attention.

Training is focused and progresses through a planned curriculum.

You will also be given tips on:

  • Starting your new Paintless Dent Removal service
  • Gaining and keeping customers
  • Staying profitable
  • Real life do's and don'ts of the PDR business

What Our Students Say

  All I can say is Wow! What an experience! I had previously attended a week long training session with another company but this past week with Mike was more than exceptional. When I first called Mike and spoke to him about training I can just tell that he was a straight up guy and I felt very confident and safe sending him my deposit for my week of training.

The week started off on Monday with Mike showing me how to find and pinpoint my tooltip which in my opinion is the most important thing you need to know with PDR. Mike just knew when to advance you to the next stage of training. We covered all different types of dents, all types of access points and what I thought was pretty cool was that when a customer came in, Mike would grab me to come out and look at the dent with him and the customer to assess it. I learned so much this past week and it was money very well spent. The atmosphere was perfect, his shop was really nice and clean.

He is a very calm individual and he works on dents in a very methodical manner. No rushing involved. He just wants to make customers happy. And he does. If you are thinking about getting some training in PDR I would call Mike and set up a class, I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Thanks again Mike!   — Pete la Rosa

Paintless Dent Removal Training Course Options

2 Day (Weekend)

Price will vary by your location

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • 8 AM to 4 PM - 16 solid hours of training - No formal lunch break
  • No rush - but no wasted time

3 Day

Price will vary by your location

  • Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • 8 AM to 4 PM - 24 solid hours of training - No formal lunch break
  • Monday - A valuable extra day of guided practice


Training Dates To Fit Your Needs

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