Save your insurance deductible. Protect the value of your car with SMOOTH A DENT.

Don't you just laugh when before/after pictures are taken from different angles?
Kind of makes you think "what are they trying to hide" doesn't it?

When ever possible, our before and after photos are taken from the same angle 
so you can really see the difference.

click on any of these photos to see full size

Audi, right quarter panel.
Looking good. 
Ford, left fender.
A ladder hit it.

Pickup truck door ding. Beauty restored.
Typical door ding. Gone.
A little harder due to shape
& location. 

Tahoe drivers door.
On the line at the edge.
Belonged to another
body shop manager.
Thanks Shawn.


Trail Blazer left fender.
No expensive paint job here.

BMW, drivers door. 
The value of this car
remains high.


Accord 2-door.
Don't let anyone tell you
that a dent on a line
can't be done!




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