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09-06-2019 9:10:57 AM EST
I highly recommend Mike. He did a great job and the price was very reasonable. He fixed two small dents. I was out of there in less than an hour. Thank you!

Jerry Norton
07-06-2019 2:46:49 PM EST
I could not believe my eyes as I watched Mike Parks remove a long dent/crease from the left front door of my SUV yesterday. Although it might appear that Mike is a magician using smoke and mirrors to deceive. That is certainly not the case. Mike is a master craftsman at work. His craft—paintless dent removal. He is not only a master craftsman, but he is also a teacher of the craft of paintless dent removal and in my view, there is none better. He has the patience of a saint as well as the persistence of a perfectionist. He strives to exceed his customer's expectations and he succeeds. He uses no fillers and a repair of Mike's does not require repainting. The result is a perfect job at a fraction of a body shop repair. I wish I had met Mike many cars ago. His technique and its execution are unequaled. His prices are incredibly low compared to the options. He is a true master at his craft. If you have a car I suggest you keep his phone number handy—904-347-1065. You are certain to need it someday and you will be glad you have it.

11-28-2018 1:50:59 PM EST
5 stars,outstanding customer service.

05-13-2016 7:24:34 PM EST
Very friendly, efficient, and honest. He is very reasonable with his prices and definitely knows his craft. I had two small dents in my side door and his quote was significantly less than other places in town. I was in and out within an hour and my door looks as good as new. Thanks Mike!

Robert Jackson   jacksonrobert@comcast.net
09-29-2015 6:15:04 PM EST
Mike is a true craftsman and professional!!! Wow amazing work and fast. He is a great guy as well. Thank you again for taking car of my BMW M3! Perfection!!! I highly recommend him.

R Lindsey
09-27-2015 11:11:47 AM EST

"Purfect" again.

Robert L   rlindseysjso@gmail.com
09-26-2015 5:59:13 PM EST
Great work, Great Price. Mike took care of the dings in my door and my car looks perfect again!

08-07-2015 9:14:10 AM EST
Did a nice job for an honest price. Go see him after getting other estimates...You won't be disappointed.

Jim Cornett
06-26-2015 11:27:16 PM EST
Mike made eight dents on my mini cooper convertible disappear. I had fun just watching the dents vanish while Mike worked. The man knows his craft, you won't be disappointed.

05-17-2015 8:50:33 AM EST
One word...Amazing! Had a door ding in my month old car and hated looking at it. Dropped by, with no apoinment. Mike is extremely polite and professional. Said could remove the dent and never know was there...an hour later...perfect! Thanks so much Mike.

Francisco Zayas
04-09-2015 9:50:55 PM EST
I showed up at Mike's shop without an appointment and in less than an hour the dent in my 2013 Buick Lacrosse front left fender was gone. I was watching Mike work his magic through the window in the waiting room, and I was amazed how the dent was disappearing right before my eyes. I thought the price was reasonable. I will definitely refer Smooth A Dent to anyone needing minor damage repair on their vehicle. Thanks Mike!

12-09-2014 3:18:21 PM EST

My before & after picture

12-09-2014 3:16:17 PM EST
Mike is a true professional! I love his work, he is so nice & kind & his prices are reasonable His work is amazing, I will definitely come back to him if I get a dent again, I recommend this place to anyone who has a dent & wants it to turn out FLAWLESS like it never happened!!!! keep up the good work Mike!! 😘😍

09-24-2014 4:54:55 PM EST
Mike does an outstanding job. From my first phone call he was professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. I showed up at Mike's shop without an appointment and in less than an hour the dent in my car's rear bumper was gone. Additionally, for the quality of Mike's work you'd be hard pressed to find a more economical option in NEFL. Thanks Mike, I'll be back!

Dean Shott   dm.shott@comcast.net
09-05-2014 12:01:48 PM EST
Just had my 2014 Infiniti Q60 convertable in to have Mike remove a hood dent. This is the third car that I have had Mike repair. Flawless repair!!! Mike's work saved me at least $1000-$1200 that a body shop would have charged. I trust Mike with all of our dent repairs.

08-24-2014 12:54:09 AM EST
Recently, my 2013 F150 got a ding in the drivers door. It was right in a body line which added a degree of difficulty to the repair, of which Mike said it would be repairable. He was right. You can't even tell there was ever a dent! Superb work by Mike. He finished in 20 minutes and only charged $85, compared to the dealer wanting $500+. He had a very professional attitude and had a very nice waiting room with wifi, cold A/C, and a tv of which he handed me the remote and said "make yourself at home". I highly recommend Mike and his services. He has perfected paintless dent removal

Pete La rosa   Petelarosa@comcast.net
07-20-2014 2:37:08 AM EST

Please see below for the beginning of this review. I didn't realize there was a limit and I ran out of space: Another important thing I needed to mention was that any cash paying customers Mike gave directly to me! I couldn't believe it! Mike was actually pushing discounts on people if they would pay in cash so he can give it to me. I came home with almost $500 in my pocket! Unbelievable! Personally I don't think any trainer would do that. Mike's personality is great, he is a very calm individual and he works on dents in a very methodical manner. No rushing involved. He just wants to make customers happy. And he does. If you are thinking about getting some training in PDR I would call Mike and set up a class, I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Thanks again Mike! Pete la Rosa

Pete La rosa   Petelarosa@comcast.net
07-20-2014 2:36:25 AM EST

Pete La rosa   Petelarosa@comcast.net
07-20-2014 12:56:44 AM EST
I just got back Friday night (7/18) from a week of training at Smooth a Dent with Michael Parks and all I can say is Wow!What an experience! Let me first say that I had previously attended a week long training session with another company but this past week with Mike was more than exceptional. When I first called Mike and spoke to him about training I can just tell that he was a straight up guy and I felt very confident and safe sending him my deposit for my week of training. The week started off on Monday with Mike showing me how to find and pinpoint my tooltip which in my opinion is the most important thing you need to know with PDR. I progressed pretty good through these exercises and the rest of the week Mike just knew when to advance you to the next stage of training. We covered all different types of dents, all types of access points and what I thought was pretty cool was that when a customer came in, Mike would grab me to come out and look at the dent with him and the customer to assess it and I found that was helpful just watching how Mike spoke to the customer about the dent and the possibilities of us repairing it.I learned so much this past week and it was money very well spent. The atmosphere was perfect, his shop was really nice and clean and I couldn\\

02-24-2014 12:38:30 PM EST
Our 2011 Avalon got dinged severely in a parking lot while on a trip. I received an estimate from a local collision repair shop and learned that they may have to use some filler. They did add, though, that perhaps a dent removal shop could help. I took the car to SmoothADent last week and Mike removed the dent. Totally gone! Only evidence is a scratch which is easily touched up. Clean, beautiful waiting room with free WiFi. Hope our visits are few, but we will come back here again. I would recommend to a friend.

02-20-2014 9:31:54 PM EST
A grocery cart slammed into the side of the truck we had at the time. It left a nice square shape dent in the passenger door. Mike was able to get it out in little time at a reasonable price. Thanks Mike!

11-21-2013 3:12:42 AM EST
I just bought a 2014 Suubaru WRX and within. Week some one dinged my door righ in the crease near the door handle. Not to happy about it. Came across this business, stopped by and 20 minutes later the dent was completely gone. I can\\

10-07-2013 4:14:44 PM EST
PERFECT! I had a large dent that creased on a seam. Mike fixed it and another one perfectly and in about an hour! Price was extremely reasonable, absolutely no complaints and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone! I would have never thought that dent could have been removed, much less look as good as it did following. Thanks Smooth A Dent!!

Mike & Mona
08-27-2013 3:17:39 PM EST
My wife and I had a 2013 Infinity that was in perfect condition until it got a dent on the front passenger door. We took the car to a few different shops that quoted us very high prices to perform PDR…they also said that we would need to drop it off for a few hours. Fortunately, we kept looking and stumbled upon Smooth A Dent. We called Mike, set up an apt. and he had us out in less than an hour! You can’t even tell a dent was there and the price was much more reasonable than competitors. We would definitely refer Smooth A Dent to anyone needing minor damage repair on their vehicle. Thanks Mike!

08-16-2013 1:41:17 PM EST
Great service. I had a dent in the ream bumber cover of 2010 Honda Accord. Body shops said it could not be repaired. Replacement would take 2-3 days and cost $600. Went to smooth a dent and Mike fixed it while I waited for 1/3rd of the price and it only took an hour. All original lines to bumper restored. You can not tell the dent was there.

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