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11-25-2011 1:01:28 PM EST
When the other Jax dent guy said "sorry I cannot reach the dent" I took my black RT Challenger to Mike and he fixed it in 15 minutes! A+ work Mike you have a happy customer! Bill

Mark   B
11-22-2011 4:34:19 PM EST
My Cadillac was just days old when some A!@#*! left a small dent in the door! A body shop that I trust recomended that I let Mike at Smooth A Dent look at it. Well that dent is gone! Then I had him work on my Mini Cooper, just as good.

Dana   danalam@bellsouth.net
08-21-2011 8:35:20 AM EST
Mike did a great job repairing a rather severe door dent on my Mini Cooper S. As I watched him work on the dent, you could tell that he is very skilled and passionate about his work. He certainly earned my trust in just a short time.

08-03-2011 10:42:56 AM EST
I have been to smooth a dent a few times now and each time have been completely satisfied! Mike does a great job and honestly made my car look new after a Canadian goose hit it! Painless dent removal is magic and mike does the best job I know! Thanks again for getting my car back to the way it was! :)

07-25-2011 1:15:49 PM EST


07-25-2011 1:15:12 PM EST

Before photo

07-25-2011 1:14:07 PM EST

Master artisan; truly amazing work Mike Parks! You will not find a more passionate person when it comes to Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) than Mike. His passion truly comes out through his work in his customer service, attention to detail, and willingness to take his time. Making a repair truly perfect, not just satisfactory is by far at a level not seen these days in any industry. I’m a customer for life. I’m not sure my photo’s do Mike’s work justice but wanted to illustrate as best I could for others who may be skeptical. Mike’s the right guy. The below photos were taken on my smartphone and uploaded here undoctored.

Steve Wilkinson   wilkinson.grp@gmail.com
07-09-2011 9:34:31 PM EST
If you've ended up reading this then your curious as to what kind of job these guys will do for you.. Well, I called today, Mike was very helpful, shot right over, he looked over my mini cooper, and wheeled it in right away.. lets just say customer for life.. I change cars a great deal all year long.. i will continue to call and use mike every time i should need it.. and you should too.. tell Mike about this good review.. i promised him i would spread the word! Steve 9549801704 feel free to text

06-03-2011 6:03:54 PM EST
Amazing! The ding on my BMW is gone! And, thanks to Smooth a Dent. Not only did Mike to a fabulous job, the price as reasonable, AND the entire shop, waiting area, bathroom was spotless. I will recommend Smooth A Dent to every person I know. We must support our local business, especially when they do an excellent job! Thank you for the excellent service!

05-12-2011 6:22:20 PM EST
I went to a national company located across from Regency Square Mall and had them provide a quote to repair a minimal door dent that occurred after a weekend of very high winds here in Jacksonville. Not only did the company employee measure the dent with his fingers ( hey, who needs measuring tape?) and race back into the building to compare it to his "repair" chart but the "employee" that performs PDR is actually a contract employee with a very inflexible work schedule. When I looked for another company to get a second estimate, I was not only grateful that Smooth-A-Dent was the next option listed through a Google search but that their satisfied customers gave such helpful and adoring feedback. Not only did Mike provide me an estimate that was more that 50% less expensive than his competitor, his business hours fit my schedule and he was more than willing to work around my schedule if necessary. The best part is that my door looks as good as new! I hope that other potential customers find this review helpful and steer away from national companies that overcharge and underservice potential customers. It is obvious that Mike has earned the respect and referral business from his customers. THANK YOU MIKE! I have already given your business cards to my co-workers.

04-12-2011 11:12:47 PM EST
A very impressive fellow is Mike Parks. HIGHLY talented! With the professional removal of a very noticeable dent in my Seville it is now cherry. I'm returning to his shop with my other vehicle and telling all I know about this quality service. Thanks Mike!

03-07-2011 7:41:55 PM EST
I have a 2010 MKS and had a dent in drivers door (lower panel).I was concerned with getting it taken care of as soon as possible,but I was not going to the dealer to have it done. I found Mike (smooth a dent) on line and called to talk with him Friday and was impressed over the phone. Saturday morning I was there as he opened up. He came out and assest the dent and gave me a cost. While I waited I could hear him working on my door, not knowing what to exspect I was a little nevous. The dent was in a bad spot. After it was over the car looks new again and neither he or I could tell it was there. Thanks Mike I will recommend to all that could use quality work performed on there cars.

stan   futah@comcast.net
02-15-2011 7:25:50 PM EST
i took my infiniti g35 to smooth a dent & im glad i did :-) wow what a great job mike did :-)if you want to save a ton of money go their! had 2 pretty bad dents & a few dings and he took care of them all in less than 3 hours :-)if you want to have money left over for the rent! then take my advise & use smooth a dent.

Diane B.
02-02-2011 6:01:09 PM EST

You know when they say that, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is? Not in this case! I drove in on a whim last week. Mike was very friendly and extremely professional. Was willing to remove two dings (one fairly large) and a crease in the rear door while I waited, but I had to get back to work. Just stopped in yesterday, prepared to wait for an hour . . . 30 minutes and $75 later, that door looks newer than the rest of the car! I was truly speechless. I highly recommend Mike and Smooth-A-Dent. Unreal.

Steve Mathews   steve.mathews@mathewscripe.com
01-05-2011 4:27:45 PM EST
I just drove by at lunch and in 20 minutes had 2 small dents removed. It looks great. They were driving me crazy since the vehicle only has 9,000 miles on it. I would suspect at a body shop they would have had to remove other parts to fix in the traditional way and I would have been out of pocket $600+ instead of $50. I will certainly return here if needed!!!!!

12-28-2010 12:13:29 PM EST
My wife has 2009 Corolla.I call Mike and went there at 10:30.By 11.00 my whife car was fixed.Hehas a macic hand.I am 100% satisfied.

12-20-2010 10:28:05 AM EST
Had hail damage on over 90% of my vehicle. The dents were all very small, but there were probably 500 of them. Mike took the car for 2-3 days and it looks brand new. Thanks Mike!

12-07-2010 11:18:15 AM EST
Glad to get my dent fixed in a matter of minutes. Prices are very reasonable, but the best part is that Mike has a shop! This is the best PDR site in Jacksonville. Hands down! Highly recommended!

11-17-2010 5:59:07 PM EST
Had Mike fix two dings in my classic Porsche. He did a FANTASTIC repair job. I just waxed the car today and I truly cannot even see where the dings were. You can trust Mike--he is a Pro.

11-12-2010 12:02:12 AM EST
I called for a 5:00 aptmt for a good size dent in my Lexus. Mark was excellent-- I was late and called and he said he would stay late & wait for me. He examined in- told me he could do it for a mere $60.00!! He had the tools AND 15 YEARS WORTH OF EXPERIENCE!! he was done- the car looked great--- and there was no upsale! He is 5 minutes away from AVENUES MALL ON Sunbeam. I highly recommend him!!

10-13-2010 7:49:02 PM EST
I drive a 2004 BMW 525i that had several dings on all four doors. Left the shop very satisfied as we were able to save the factory paint. The car now looks as new. Thank you.

Den from Canada
09-27-2010 4:52:43 PM EST
I just happened across Smoothadent while visiting in JAX. The dents in my 10 year old 300m Chrysler had been set for years and normal fender repairs was going to need a full repaint. Smooth-a-dent gave me an estimate for a mere fraction of this. I was sceptical as the dents were old and had been set through extreme cold and heat of Kingston Ontario. With-in an hour at the shop I was underway with a car that looked like new. As long as your paint isn't chipped or cracked give this professional a try. I wasn't disappointed. Thanks Mike.

09-11-2010 9:56:02 PM EST
I had 4 door dings in my car for over a year. Where I'm located in Georgia, there is nobody around to this kind of work. I took it to a couple of different bodyshops in the area and the prices they were going to charge were OUTRAGEOUS!! So I took a chance and drove to Jacksonville to go to Smooth A Dent. In about an hour Mike had removed all 4 door dings and it looks like they were never there!! Thanks Mike, you brought the value of my car back up!!

08-04-2010 6:03:36 PM EST
I have a new 2010 Escalade. I was told by a body shop that body work & paint was my only option. Thank you Smooth A Dent for proving them wrong!

Andria   pajlbarber@comcast.net
05-10-2010 4:10:23 PM EST
Mike is my hero for 2010! I have a Subaru that has had so many dents that I should buy stock in Smooth A Dent! Hey wait? Is it public yet? My car looks brand new, thanks to Mike! Many, many thanks, and I hope to send all of my friends to you!

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