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Mike   golfafire@aol.com
05-16-2013 12:24:32 AM EST
Mike repaired a softball size dent on my 2013 Ford Explorer passenger door. He had this back to the original state in less than an hour. Great work, great price. Very satisfied!!

Kenneth   kfj4936@yahoo.com
04-17-2013 7:17:05 PM EST
I just wanted to say thanks to Michael again for fixing a dent I had in a car. I have to say that I love cars and I think he does an amazing job and the price is great. If you need a dent out of your car I highly recommend Michael. Thanks Again

04-16-2013 9:13:51 PM EST
I had a small dent on the quarter panel of my Lapis (dark) blue Porsche Carrera that was driving me nuts. Mike removed it completely. It is flawless in spite of the dark color. He is highly skilled at the craft, I would trust him no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

03-12-2013 2:09:27 PM EST

I had numerous dents on the side of my car resulting from parking on campus and Mike got all 8 of them out for an incredibly low price and under 30 minutes. 8 months later, had several dents from an unknown source, (too low on the car to be from someone else's door) in addition to a dent on my door, came back to get a quote done, as the shop was closing in 5 minutes, and Mike did all the dents right then and there even though it took around 30 minutes right at his closing. He could have easily told me to come back another day or jack up the price since it was so late, but instead gave me another incredibly low price and was happy to take care of my car. Hopefully I never have to go back, but if I ever do get another dent, I know where to go and will definitely recomend to everyone.

Dennis   dimac31@bellsouth.net
02-25-2013 2:40:07 PM EST
What a magician with paintless dent repair! Mike is a skilled technician in his field and is very ethical, upfront and honest. Will tell potential customers if PDR won't satisfy their need. I was in and out in 1 hour, with no appointment, and the results were fantastic. Highly recommend this PDR shop.

Gokul Vemuri   vgc007@gmail.com
01-25-2013 2:04:15 PM EST
Thank you Mike. You are the best PDR specialist in the town. You have the skill which is very unique and you excelled yourself in it. Both the times that I was in your body shop I was impressed with your workmanship, Pricing and the service that you gave me. I would highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Thanks again, Gokul with black Corolla.

01-21-2013 3:43:56 PM EST
Had a pretty good crease in my door so I took it to Mike, and now you almost can't tell it was ever dented in the first place. I am amazed by the work and would have paid twice as much knowing how it came out. I cannot recommend this service highly enough.

Bill Brogdon
12-19-2012 5:40:49 PM EST
Mike, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent repair to my company vehicle. As a company owner I’m usually hard to impress but you did just that with you superb workmanship, customer service and pricing. When I decided to come by your shop and let you look at the damage I was ready to accept that little if anything could be done due to the depth and location of the damage. However to my delight you not only fixed it but made it look great!! I would highly recommend your services to anyone that has one of those “oh no my car” moments. Thanks again, Bill Brogdon / Owner and President of Brogdon Technologies.

J Teller
12-11-2012 3:00:56 PM EST
Mike, Just to let you know how pleased I was with your work. I will highly recommend you to others. You can not believe all the BS I got from the body shops about structural integrity, what needed to be painted, ex cetra. I touched it up and it looks like new thanks to your job. J Teller, VW Jetta

11-27-2012 12:55:13 PM EST

After Smooth a dent to the rescue. If you value your automobile nothing can decrease the value like dents and dings. I have had the unfortunate luck to utilize Smooth a dent twice in the past year. Michel and his company continue exceed all of my expectations and there is no other place I would go. His craftsmanship and attention to detail is without limits. I would highly recommend Smooth a dent.

11-27-2012 12:48:11 PM EST


Mark   prideaux123@gmail.com
10-26-2012 3:03:56 PM EST
Thanks again for the work on my Scion. Looks great. Pleasure to meet you. I will recommend you when I can.

10-19-2012 5:05:26 PM EST
I would like to recommend Mike for any minor body or fender repair issues. He is the best and very reasonable. He doesn't paint but he can reattach loose bumpers and smooth out dents. I've used him twice in the past 2 years saving me a fortune.

jim   jim@northernoutfitters.com
10-08-2012 3:54:08 PM EST
What a bargain! Mike does a great job at a reasonable price, quick and courteous. Five stars.

09-10-2012 5:28:30 PM EST
Found Mike on the internet and called him this morning. Very professional. Took my 06 Honda Accord by the same day and was in and out. 3 dings gone and very fair price. Taking my wifes 07 Pilot back there soon! Thanks Mike

08-27-2012 11:49:17 AM EST
I had the opportunity to attend the PDR training offered by Mike in August 2012. I spent months of online searches and talking to other trainers before I made the decision to be trained by Mike and I am so glad that my decision was correct. Mike Provided me with a very strong based knowledge and understanding of PDR techniques and skills. He was very patient and went the extra mile to make me see and understand what I was doing. He certainly has a unique way of teaching that works very well. I was truly amazed at the techniques he taught me in his hands on training. Mike is a real pleasure to work with, and someone you can count on to be there for you when you need him. If you are serious about becoming a PDR tech and you want to learn the proper way I would Highly recommend Mike Parks. Thanks for everything Mike! Chris S.

Fred Vescera   Blowndss@yahoo.com
08-22-2012 10:45:28 AM EST
AWESOME JOB!! Saved me hundreds, thanks Mike I will be back for sure!!

Shawn F
08-12-2012 8:34:35 PM EST
Mike took care us with two dent on my wifes new honda civic. Had us in and out within an hour, when two other local dent guys said it couldn't be done. Highly recommend smooth a dent!!

Brian Kramer
06-20-2012 3:55:57 PM EST
What a deal! I came from out of state to purchase a Lexus. It had a medium sized ding and a few smaller ones that werent visible online. I did a quick Internet search and came across this business. I went there, got a quote, went and ate lunch, and returned in less than 2 hours to my dentless vehicle. Amazing work, amazing price, and amazingly fast service. If you don't utilize this business, you probably spent too much and/or didn't have good work done.

05-10-2012 2:11:56 PM EST
I brought my 2012 Mustang to Mike's shop on the recommendation of an auto collision repair shop. I had a dent on the front passenger side fender and Mike did an amazing job! He completed the job while I waited and saved me hundreds! I would definitely recommend smooth a dent for minor dent repairs. Thank you so much for the great service and professionalism!

03-01-2012 1:57:52 PM EST
Michael, I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and professionalism. Your experience and dedication to your craft is evident. I am extremely pleased with the results of my dent repair. It is 100 % flawless and pure perfection. It was a pleasure doing business with you and meeting you on personal level. You may recall my dent story. My car was dinged on January 11, 2012 by a shopping cart. It was an extremely difficult repair due to the fender well location and the double sided sheet metal being flared on the inside. My dent was right at the demarcation line where the two pieces of sheet metal joined. I knew that it was going to be an extremely difficult repair and you agreed. Never the less, you understood that I wanted perfection as did you and with your hard work and artisan skills provided the results. Furthermore, I would like to wish you, your family, business, and any future endeavors great success. Thank you,

Robert Tantorno
03-01-2012 1:54:39 PM EST

02-15-2012 5:41:29 PM EST
I was really in a jam when I hit a cement post at a gas station and couldn't open the passenger door, plus I couldn't leave my vehicle at a body shop for a couple of days because we're here on vacation and it's our only transportation. I searched the web and read about "painless dent removal" services. I called Smooth a Dent and made plans visit. Once there I was immediately impressed by the spotless shop and Mike's professional attitude. He checked out the damage right away, explained what he could and couldn't do, gave me a price and went right to work . It came out better than I could have hoped for. Highly recommend this shop!

02-10-2012 6:11:55 PM EST
I brought my 350Z to mike early in the morning to get door dings out of my driver side (3 total). I was only looking to get an estimate and maybe set an appt but Mike immediately had my car in his shop and 40 minutes later he was done and my car looked like new! Saved me a fortune from what a traditional auto body shop would have charged.

11-25-2011 1:01:28 PM EST
When the other Jax dent guy said "sorry I cannot reach the dent" I took my black RT Challenger to Mike and he fixed it in 15 minutes! A+ work Mike you have a happy customer! Bill

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