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    Paintless Dent Removal is not just an "add on service" it's our only service. 
    At Smooth A Dent we don't call someone else to meet you at another time.  

Easy to find, Clean and Comfortable.

    Having a dedicated shop means more control over the repair process and a better result for you.
    A PDR expert on staff full time also means your repair can be
 made on a day that works for
    you, rain or shine!
    Michael Parks has 20 years of experience providing top level Paintless Dent Removal and no company,
    large or small, will give you a better result. 

    Our Paintless Dent Removal process can..... Protect the value of your car & Save you money.


        A good example of a previous
         repair attempt gone bad.
         Much more difficult to do now.

Maserati dent removal, brought in after a Maserati dealer in Houston, Texas couldn't make the repair.
e did it while the customer waited.



It's still not exact but very good and saved the customer about $400 and a trip to the body shop.

 Ferrari Scaglietti from Palm Coast, Fl.

 Porsche 911 Turbo S
 Jacksonville, Florida


This bumper repair - Just $180                                    This door dent Only $100

Dents and Door Dings in your car are quickly removed with Professional Results


Only $130
This Mercedes did not have to go to a body shop for bondo & paint work.
As a result the owner Saved over $800!

The Paintless Dent Removal technique is a highly skilled craft and requires experience to perfect


This Lexus owner also saved Hundreds of Dollars over body shop work One day and Only $365 
This Tacoma owner was told by a Mobile Service that these could not be done at all!

This Tundra's owner was told
by a Body Shop in St. Augustine, Florida  that this simple dent had to be brought in for paint work! 

Our Price $100 and yes, it's perfect.

    We would like to help you to!

      Michael Parks, owner of SMOOTH A DENT, 
      has specialized in Paintless Dent Removal exclusively for 20
      years and is grateful for the opportunity to help those that ask.
      Not all car dents can be repaired satisfactorily with PDR, some 
      do require conventional body shop work. 
      Asking everyone but an expert could cost you like it almost
      did in the three examples above.
  Most smaller repairs can be completed while you wait.         

    Are you thinking of going to an Auto Body Shop or Collision Repair Center in the Jacksonville, Florida area?
    For car body repair of hail damage, dents and dings, you may not need to visit a conventional body shop.


12489 San Jose Blvd.
(Behind Sonny's B-B-Q)
Jacksonville, Florida 32223

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